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With literally thousands of visitors a day, is one of the biggest fan sites of its kind. The goal is clear: To become the best site for ambitious Hearthstone players.

Numerous companies have already asked for various cooperation possibilities. Of course, I am always happy to receive enquiries, but there have already been many. The biggest problem is that many inquiries simply don’t match what I’m offering readers here.

That’s why I looked for a partner for possible cooperations: BEVO Media maintains numerous different sites.

» Advantages of a cooperation:

  • High attention By publishing a guest article you get more attention for yourself and your projects.
  • Relevant links We like to link our partners with a follow link, which increases the relevance in Google. Important: We do it with a corresponding label.
  • Unlimited duration As long as the site exists, we will not simply delete any content (except for legal reasons).

» Following things in advance:

  • I don’t want to work with companies from the gambling and sex industries.
  • No unmarked links will be sold.