[Deck Guide] Aggro Rogue feat. Zepyhrs

Aggro Rogue #400 Legend - PvPretender

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Proof 10.08.2019 Stats 10.08.2019

Hey guys, Krea here. Today I’d like to present you with an updated version of Aggro Rogue, this time featuring 4 weapons. Aggro Rogue has undergone many changes throughout the year, from it’s original iteration as Myracle Rogue as created by J Alexander, to the updated version running Waggle Pick, and finally to the post-nerf version, which I posted about here. I know I’ve said this before, but this version is by far the most aggressive of them all. This deck is capable of one of the most digusting Turn 2 openers sans a big edwin, which looks like this. If you super high roll, you can even get both corsairs and a 4 attack weapon by turn 2. Because Scimitar is 3 mana, it also allows us to run Hench-Clan Thug on the coin, perfectly curving into Waggle Pick, creating disgusting scenarios like this one. If these images interest you, read on, and get ready to play one of the most aggressive decks available to ladder at the moment

Deck Overview

This is an aggro deck that plays hyper-aggressively to bring your opponent to 0 life, primarily through weapon damage. With the addition of Hooked Scimitar, the deck is now capable of doing 12 damage to the enemy with weapons alone by turn 4. I stated before that Myracle was as aggressive as Pirate Warrior back in Gadgetzan. That version that I posted then pales in comparison to this one. This deck kills Quest Druids by turn 5-6, Highlander Mage the turn after they drop Luna’s, and can even cheese out Warriors before Dr. Boom, though Warrior is still a struggle. This is by far, one of the most aggressive lists on ladder right now.

The Cards

The new cards that have enabled this beast of a deck are Hooked Scimitar, Pharaoh Cat, and Zephrys, the Great.

Hooked Scimitar on the Coin is better than Miscreant because it allows you to swing on T2, play Hench-Clan Thug and swing on T3, then curve into Waggle Pick or even another Scimitar + 1-drop on T4. This means you can do a total of 12 weapon damage over the first 4 turns of the game, putting your opponent at a HUGE disadvantage.

Pharaoh Cat is the 1-drop Rogue always wanted. Reborn is the perfect Aggro/Midrange Mechanic because it means the minion will almost always live long enough to connect face, even if the first body is dealt with. That being said, do NOT play the 3 mana 5/4 minion, it will ruin you more than it helps. Only play it in specific situations where the opponent is low on cards and the body sticking will guarantee you lethal, like here.

Lastly, Zephrys is like a better version of Nomi. The downside of drawing him before Myra’s is considerably lesser than that of drawing Nomi before Myra’s. He’s a fine enough T2 tempo play at worst. When you do have him post-Myra’s, he will almost always win you the game. If you were in a game state where you have a multi-turn lethal set up, but the opponent has the board, he’ll offer you stall for long enough to win the game. Overall, the benefits of running him FAR outweigh the negatives of drawing him as a 2 mana 3/2.

Preparation is pretty important to activate Scimitar on 3, or your other combo cards. Even if you don’t hit a spell, being able to Prep a weapon to 4 attack is strong enough to warrant running it. It’s also beneficial for Myra’s.

Raiding Party is too slow to run by the way. Even with Pirates and Weapons, 4 mana is too much and the game ends before it’s relevant. Even with prep, it’s unattractive. No need for this card anymore.


The mulligan has changed. On the coin, we want Hooked Scimitar, Dread Corsair (only with Scimitar), Hench-Clan Thug (only with Scimtar), Evil Miscreant (only if you AREN’T offered Scimitar), Pharaoh Cat, Argent Squire.

On the play, you want Hench-clan Thug, Argent Squire, Pharaoh Cat, SI:7 Agent (only if the other 2 cards are garbage), Backstab, Preparation (only if also offered Scimitar or Miscreant), Southsea Deckhand (play him on T1).

The power difference of this deck on and off the coin is probably equal to Pirate Warrior back in the day. If you’re on the coin, you will be significantly more powerful than off the coin. The dream curve is 1-drop, T2 Scimitar + Corsair(s), T3 Thug, T4 Waggle Pick, T5 Greenskin, T6 Lethal. If you get that opener, you probably just win, no matter who your opponent is. If not, just play your best tempo cards each turn. If you have the choice between Miscreant or getting Scimitar online, always choose the Scimitar. Miscreant is still very strong, but not stronger than a 3 mana 4-attack weapon.


V.S. Rogue


I faced a Burgle Rogue here. Burgle Rogue is a midrange deck and it generally counters this deck ONLY when they get their quest reward online. A 3 attack weapon kills all of our minions and the immune is just impossible to over come without a really good draw or Myra’s to fish for lethal. This version was testing Cold Bloods. I think that they’re good cards, but easily replaceable since they can be dead cards when you don’t have a board.

V.S Mage



This deck just murders mage. Both Highlander and Conjurer’s Mage. The deck outputs so much damage so quickly that it kills them before they are capable of doing any of their unfair things (luna’s/Giant + Conj).

V.S Shaman


Quest Shaman is the most popular at the moment. This deck is able to kill them as well before they get their quest online, or the turn after it’s online. Your weapons kill off their low value battlecry minions and they don’t really have AoE, which means your minions will mostly stick and push the most damage.

V.S Paladin


Quest Pally and Murloc Pally with Tip the Scales are the ones I encountered. Quest Pally is pretty easy because their Reborn minions are super low statted and we have Sap for their Reborn Taunt minions. You should be able to kill them before their quest comes online by Turn 5 or 6. Murloc Pally is much more difficult, but still manageable. If they manage to get a 1 or 2 mana Tip the Scales, we will often lose though, because we can’t amass enough damage to kill them by Turn 5 since their murlocs need to be removed. You could try to face race them, but it’s very likely that you’ll lose the race because of how fast Murlocs grow out of control.

V.S Hunter


Highlander hunter is the most common at the moment and it’s also the easiest version to beat. The fact that they run 1 of everything means that their suite of removal is limited and inconsistent. Clear secrets as efficiently as possible and push face. Should be an easy match up for us.

V.S Priest


Quest Priest and Inner Fire priest are both pretty easy to deal with. We output so much face damage that they have to prioritise healing their face instead of going off with Cleric/Circle of healing/Pyro combos. If they do manage to land a huge minion, Sap takes care of it very efficiently. Neither of those decks really run any AoE, so it’s an easy match up. Rez Priest is much more difficult due to their taunts and rezzes, as well as abundance of AoE. Luckily, that’s a rare sight.

V.S Warlock



Zoo is a weird match up where it’s both easy and hard, depending on how well you pilot the deck. The current version of Zoo wants to abuse the 3-mana 4/5 that deals 3 to the Warlock when it attacks and the 4 mana buzzard that summons 3 drops when the Warlock takes damage on their turn. That’s really good for us because it means that they do some of our job for us, and they run no heal at all. It’s also bad because it means that if we brick on our draw and fall behind, their board will often become too much for us to keep up with. Learn when to push face and when to value trade into their minions for the greatest success.

V.S Warrior


Warrior is by far the hardest match up. They have Taunts. They have Armor (life) gain. They have Dr. Boom. They have efficent AoE and single target removal. They have Mechs with Rush so that you can never stick a minion. They have it all. Pray for the dream curve of scimitar into pick into leeroy. Otherwise just concede tbh.


Hopefully this post helps show how strong this deck is in the meta game at the moment. Good luck on ladder friends.