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Quest Shaman #131 Legend - CrankyPanda

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Hello everyone. My name is Crankypanda and this is the third time i have reached legend. I started at rank 8 yesterday and went 35-6(85% winrate) with this list, winning my last 16 games.

Why should you play Quest Shaman?

Not only is it strong, but it is also tons of fun and every game is different from the games before. You can evolve into cards you never played with or the discovered spells from your lackeys switch up your gameplan. It also has a good learning curve and you are offered many ways to approach every game.

The essence of the deck

The Quest – Corrupt the waters

This card is the bread and butter of this deck. After we play 6 battlecry cards, we will gain a new heropower, which will double our battlecries each turn for 2 mana. Our whole deck is build around it, so we will be very strong as soon as the quest is finished.

The Quest enablers – Lackeys and friends

In order to finish the quest, we want to play cheap battlecries and the fastest way to achieve that is playing lackeys. Every lackey is a battlecry minion, so we will get 2 procs for our quest when we play Cable Rat + Lackey or Sludge Slurper + Lackey. Lackeys also have great synergy with our gameplan since we want to control the board and sometimes evolve.

Even stronger than Sludge Slurper or a Cable Rat is Questing Explorer. You will always keep this card in your hand. It procs your Quest, it draws a card, it has a great stat line and you do not want to draw it later in the game, since your quest will already be completed so you do not draw of it anymore.

We also have a non-battlecry lackey generator, the Evil Totem. If your opponent does not answer it fast, you will have your quest completed in a blink of an eye. Since it does not benefit from your quest heropower, you rather play it early than late (it also has the second highest mulligan winrate after Questing Explorer).

The tempo plays – Former Champ/Mogu/Giggling + Mutate/Witchy Lackey

This is, where we make up for the lost tempo in the early game or we blow our oppoenent out of the corrupt water. For 0 mana, we transform a 1/1 into a 6-drop or we transform a 3/4 or 2/1 into an 8-drop. When we fight against a board-heavy deck, we can sometimes play Mogu on turn 3 or 4, trade it in and evolve it afterwards, sealing the game. If we get a Witchy Lackey, we want to save it for these plays.

The tempo swings – Mind Control Tech/Sandstorm Elemental

We are not that strong in the early game and we struggle with wide boards, so we need some ways to come back. Luckily, we have 2 great battlecry minions for this purpose in our deck. Mind Control Tech can steal up to 2 minions, when combined with your heropower. Bear in mind that your opponent needs 5 minions, if you want to steal 2 of his. Sandstorm Elemental is not only great as a 2 mana concecrate, but it can also stop early agression and punish value trades.

The one-man army – Shudderwock

If you have not won by turn 9, this card will get you there. Shudderwoch will repeat every battlecry of each card you played. This does not mean that it will repeat every battlecry that happened this game. Every battlecry that was doubled with your quest will only count once.

You can use Shudderwock to steal minions,aoe the board, generate lackeys, generate tokens, burst your opponent, heal yourself and draw cards all in one card. This card is obviously bonkers. If you start on the coin, you can save the coin in longer matchups to double up on your shudderwock. You have to press your heropower first though, since you can not coin up to 11 mana.

The finisher – Heropower + Kobold Lackey+ Weaponized wasp + Lifedrinker

There are basically only two ways to win the game.

  • Generate a board that he can not deal with.
  • Burst your opponent to 0 hp.

This combo will deal 16 damage from hand. You can even extend it with 2 kobold lackeys and 2 Wasps to 20 damage. If you have the combo in hand, you want to hit the face of your opponent as much as possible without dying yourself.

How to pilot your deck – The mulligan

You almost always want to keep the quest in your hand (i will talk about throwing it away in the Advanced section).

You want to have at least one cheap battlecry in your hand for your turn 2 or an Evil Totem, when the opponent has to use removal for it. The best battlecries are in this oder: Questing Explorer > Sludge Slurper > Evil Cable Rat > Novice Engineer

Mogu Fleshshaper is an amazing card and should always be kept, when at least one player will have board presence (Warriors might keep the board clean on both sides)

Mutate should only be kept, when you have Mogu in your hand or when you have to fight for the board and have a Novice or Cable Rat as your turn 2 play (vs. Zoo/Rogue).

Weaponized Wasp is only good, when you have a lackey generator and the oppoent will fight for the board with 2 or 3 hp minions (Rogue with Dread Corsair, Paladin with Murloc Warleader/Tidecaller). Wasp is also great on turn 6+ with a completed quest, so it is fine to look for better early cards.

Former Champ + Mutate is only a good keep, when you are on the coin and the last card is a turn 2 battlecry. You play the early like this: T1: Quest. T2: Battlecry minion or Totem. T3: Hopefully drawn Battlecry minion or Lackey. T4: Coin + Champ + Mutate.

Do not keep:

Shudderwock/Giggling/Former Champ(without Mutate and coin)/Lifedrinker – too expensive, they do not help finishing the quest.

Mind Control Tech – People can play around it and you want to fight for the board anyway so it is often just a 3/3 for 3 and you lose a big thread so your opponent will no longer play around it.

Sandstorm Elemental – The overload in the early game sucks and your other 2 drops are already fighting for the board anyway. Sandstorm is not a turn 2 and you want to finish the quest as fast as possible.

How to pilot your deck – Post-Mulligan

The gameplan is quite simple.

  • Play the Quest
  • Play battlecry minions
  • Finish quest
  • Abuse the quest or evolve mechanics to gain board control and value
  • Finish your oppoent off

You want to coin out the Evil Totem and delay your quest, if your opponent did not develop a good board turn 1. Then you follow up with Quest into Lackey or Sludge Slurper. On turn 1, we can also play Quest + coin + Sludge Slurper, when our oppoent played a Flame Imp or a Murloc Tidecaller. We want to play as many battlecries as possible without running our of value. I personally like saving Novice Engineer for the doubled battlecry, since she draws us even more battlecries. We want to fight for the board, so our Evil Totem can generate a lot and we can bounce battlecry minions with Bog Slosher to finish the quest even faster.

Around turn 4/5, we will usually have more than enough battlecries in our hand to finish the quest. At this stage, we will have to decide, which minions we play pre-quest completion and which we play post-quest completion.

  • If we play against a burn- heavy deck, i would like to save Lifedrinkers.
  • If we are running out of value, i would like to save Novice Engineer or Evil Cable Rat.
  • If we need to pressure the opponent, i would like to save Former Champ (unless we do not pressure him enough right now. In that case, we might need to tempo him).

Even when you finish the quest, you might need to play some minions without activating your upgraded heropower, for example: A Giggling Inventor is usually needed on turn 7 instead of turn 9 (you only want to save it until turn 9 when you reliably get there and do not have shudder as turn turn 9 play) Shudderwocks battlecry can not be doubled without the coin. Weaponized Wasp/Mind Control Tech/Sandstorm might overkill the opponent minions.

The quest should help us getting the board and finally killing our opponent due to board pressure or burst from hand.

How to pilot your deck – Advanced

Remember, which battlecries you have played this game(a decktracker is highly recommended) so you do not overdraw with your shudderwock. This might be impossible to control, when you have played Bog Slosher, since he sometimes does bounce a minion and sometimes does not.

Playing Shudderwock close to fatigue will often draw you two cards of Novice Engineer, so do not save it until the very end and do not play Novice Engineer in the late game, when you still want to play Shudderwock.

Throwing away your quest can work against very aggressive decks, since you get one extra card in your hand and do not waste your turn 1 when you could play Sludge Slurper instead. This play is stronger when you start since you can deny your opponents start. If you are on the coin and you already have a Sludge Slurper, you can also play quest and still coin him turn 1. The quest is not needed, when the game finishes around turn 6 for either side. You are either dead or you get your Giggling Inventors down. I do this against:

  • Rogue
  • Priest
  • Warlock

Playing Bog Slosher with the quest will apply the buff twice. This is great, when you trade in a Mogu Fleshshaper and bounce it for a 0 mana 7/8 rush guy. Even a bounced Lackey will threaten your opponent.

If you have Sandstorm or Sludge Slurper in your hand, count the overlad and think your turns ahead. You rather want to play: * Turn 2: Sandstorm Elemental into Turn 3: Cable Rat into Turn 4: Lackey+Wasp instead of: * Turn 2: Cable Rat into Turn 3: Sandstorm Elemental into Turn 4: Heropower+Lackey (you are overloaded so you can not play Lackey+wasp)

Faceless Lackey will summon one extra minion for one mana, so you can get your Mogu Fleshshaper 2 mana cheaper for 1 mana.

Sometimes you have to play Mogu Fleshshaper without evolve or bounce effects and that is completely fine. This deck finds a lot of options to utilize every card.

Learn the 2-mana pool,so you play Faceless Lackey efficiently. I recently won a game, because i pulled Direwolf alpha and positioned my Lackey perfectly for a trade. Other important 2-drops: Mana Wraith, Knife Juggler, Lorewalker Cho, Spell damage, Rush, Underbelly Angler, Doomsayer, Dwarven Archaeologist, Soup Vendor, Spitting Camel, Wild Pyromancer.

Why do you not play Barista?

There are two simple reasons. I do not have her and i had great success without her.

Barista is an amazing card and has great synergy with our deck, but it can also be a dead card in many matchups.

We do not want it in any fast matchup, since we will not have to time to play her (and we will most likely not have a board to copy anyway). She is usually only good around turn 8/9, when you can play lackeys before you play her (unless your opponent never clears minions) and my gameplan in every matchhup is to win by pressure and not by value(which is delayed pressure).

That being said, when Barista is a good play, she is an amazing play and she will give you the option to outvalue control decks. You should definitely add her, when you play against a lot of slow/removal heavy decks.

Right now, you should be more concerned about Priest, so i would rather tech against them.

Tech choices:

Earth shock: Great card against VanCleef/Hyena/Taunts or every buffed Priest minion. I prefer the consistency of my battlecries since Earth Shock is also often a dead card.

Acidic Swamp Ooze: Great against Rogue and Warrior. It also procs the quest. Play it if you face them a lot. I personally prefer positioning against Supercollider.

Plague of Murlocs + Hungry Crab: Played it and it was super weak. Plague of Murlocs is often a bad topdeck and generally just clunky. Hungry Crabs are nice to fight for the board against Paladin, but it is bad in every other matchup.

Defender of Argus: You do not always have setups for him and Shudderwock might bounce your taunts into your hand or misses them completely, when they proc before Former Champ.

Witchwood Piper: A 4 mana 3/3 sets us very far behind. I prefer playing proactive.

Bloodlust: If you get the board, you are usually fine anyway and you already have a lot of burst in this deck. You can also already discover it from Lackeys, if you just want the pressure of it.

Ziliax: Very good card against agressive decks. Tech it in, if you die too fast.

Vulpera Scoundrel: A 3 mana 2/3 that can just straight up miss is too inconsistent to play it over the other cards. Spells are not even that good in the deck, since you rather want to play minions instead.

Other lists:




They usually play quest so you want to pressure them as hard as possible. Evil totem and Former Champ+Mutate are great versus their lack of removal. Clear their Crystal Merchant, so they will have to spend mana to draw cards. Keep in mind that they can heal for 12, so you want to save your burst unless your hand is only burst. In that case, you try to kill him as fast as possible. The Titanic Lackey is amazing, when you want to deny Oasis Surger powerplays. Just taunt up a small 1/1 and he has to trade into it. If you have your quest completed, you might force both attacks into it.

You do not have to kill them before turn 7. You can also win by playing Mind Control Tech against their board or discovering Earthquake/Hagathas Sheme and building a new board after clearing theirs. They also struggle to deal with your Annoy-o-trons unless they still have not used Swipe+Starfall or Zephrys. If they played Zephrys and played another minion afterwards, they can no longer floop the Zephrys so you can build a huge board without worrying. Try to play around turn 3 Wrath, Turn 4 Beees (many play howl over it now though) and Turn 5 Swipe without giving up pressure. This means you still play into their removal if your alternatives are too slow. The game is not over just because they have drawn their whole deck and can nomi you now. If you have Annoy-o-trons in play, you can Mind Control Tech 2 Nomis and kill them since they usually ran out of their defensive options.


I think many people play this matchup too slow. If the warrior gets his Dr. Boom online and has drawn most of his cards, we will just taunt+rush your minions instead of using his aoe removals. The armagedillo also punishes you for playing too slow. If you constantly pressure him and hit him in the face, he will eventually die. Try to have a big board going into his turn 9 (or 8+coin). If you deny him Dr. Boom, he will have to play his finite removal to deal with your board instead. Keep in mind that i do not run Barista so i would always lose the value game(which i did in the one game). Play around their removals as good as possible (Restless Mummy, Dynomatic, Shield Slam, Super Collider, Ziliax + Cheap Mechs). Do not heropower, when he has to brawl your board. The heropower is good against Supercollider and Dynomatic though (and taunt versus rush).

If he is playing Aggro Warrior, you suddenly have way higher chances. Focus on getting the board over protecting your face in the early game. This means you rather value trade than save 2 hp on your hero. If Titanic Lackeys and Lifedrinker get you to your Giggling Inventor, you won. Important interaction: If you frost shock a minion and Warrior copies it, you want to kill the original minion, since the copy will be frozen for the next turn too.


This is a tough one. You will need every strong combo in your deck to beat him. Mind Control Tech can steal the game, if they do not respect it, but usually 3 minions are enough for them to pressure you. Do not use your heropower totem against him (unless you rush it in) or he will draw of it or even worse, the healing might also buff his lightwarden.

Usually you are quite unfavored against them, so if you face them a lot, add Earth shock or play a better early deck. I personally also like to play Sludge Slurper without the quest turn 1 to deny them their lightwarden start. If they draw their early, only Mogu Flesheater+Mutate can save you. If they do not draw Amet, you can make them run out of value. At this point, you can beat them quite fast.


I have not seen enough mages to talk about this matchup. Just play it fast and watch out for frost nova + doomsayer.


This is a very tough one. I think that your health in the midgame is more important than your board. If you use your Lifedrinkers while at 30 hp, he can start bursting you and you can not react. I personally like to play into Mind Control Tech early, since they do not keep it and if they play it early, they will not threaten a huge Mind Control Tech swing, when it really matters. Do not play 5 minions into his doubled Mind Control Tech though or you will struggle hard to get the board back. Later in the game, you either play 3 huge minions or many small ones that do not die to a single Sandstorm. If they get more value than you, you will need to risk the Mind Control Tech and start pushing for the board. You can burst for a lot, but they can burst you too, so keep your health in mind. Usually the person who plays Shudderwock first loses, but if you count their Lifedrinkers and your Lifedrinkers, you might checkmate him with your own Shudderwock. You also generate a lot of Lackeys, so you will have a lot of burst after your Shudderwock.

Do not heropower against them, since their Mogu Fleshshaper will become cheaper and it will be harder to play around Mind Control Tech, if you plan on developing a board.

Playing Sludge Slurper without the quest is good if they kept cards and are on the coin so you can deny coin+Evil Totem. This might be too risky, if the rest of your hand is full of expensive battlecries.



They are quite slow and they do not have early 2 attack minions, so you can get 2 or 3 procs off your Evil Totem. You can often kill them, before they can abuse their quest heropower. Sandstorm Elemental is amazing against their reborn minions. If they play Eggs and Whelps, switch from a board gameplan to a burst gameplan. They usually have to trade their board into yours to stay alive and just copying will not save them. Watch out for Ziliax though. Discovering an earth shock or hex would be be great.


Fight for the board as hard as possible. You want to have board pressure, before they play Tip the Scales so you can trade to clear it. The second Tip is usually not strong enough to beat you. Mogu Fleshshaper is amazing here. I do not like keeping Mind Control Tech or Sandstorm since they are too reactive and i want to be proactive early.

Consider playing Sludge Slurper turn 1 without the quest to fight against their Murloc Tidecaller.


Expect Zoo. I do not have enough games against them, but clear their Magic Carpet and Vulture at all costs. Sludge Slurper without playing the Quest can work against Flame Imp. If you get to Giggling Inventor, you are fine.


Watch out for Rat Trap and play around it. If you do not proc it, you will have a small tempo advantage, which is enough to race them. Secret Keeper must be cleared at all cost. Do not play Evil Totem into a Secretkeeper, since she will have 2 attack after the hunter plays a secret.

Play around their turn 6 Unleash the Beast (or 5 + coin). They struggle with Giggling Inventors and if you play 1 or 2 Lifedrinkers, you should not die before him. Watch out for Hyena+Rush beasts and watch out for snipe as it can deny your Lackey+Wasp turn. If you want to play Sandstorm Elemental, attack his minions first to proc snake trap. They are usually too slow for you, if you play around their secrets.

Quest Hunter:

Sandstorm Elemental and Giggling Inventor are your friends. Pressure them hard before they finish their quest and watch out for magnetic minions.


They will try to kill you fast. Consider throwing away the quest. Save your Lackey in your hand, when you have wasp too, since he will remove anything on your board. Clear everything and just try to survive. Again, if you get to your Giggling Inventor turns, you are most likely fine unless you are in eviscerate range.

Thank you for reading!

If you want to see me play this deck, follow my stream: https://www.twitch.tv/crankypanda

Update after playing for a day around legend 150-250

I went 13-11.