Weekly Report #12 – Top Legend Decks (Standard and Wild)

Week Buff

Greetings everyone! I am neon31, the person behind Hearthstone-Decks.net. This week I got help from Ensoface who copy edited a part of it!

In this Post I will show you the decks played Post-Buff (03.06-09.06). Also this Week I tried something new, some Players posted some words about their decks.

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How to use deck codes:

  1. Copy the code

  2. Open Hearthstone Collection

  3. Create a new deck, you will be asked “Do you want to create a deck from the clipboard”

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Player Opinions

I have played with this deck on ladder for a while now and it seems to work perfectly. Secrets seems to be really strong in this meta, which gives the deck a decent winrate.

According to HSReplay, the Archetype has only a few bad matchups. Token Druid and Mech Paladin are the only popular decks it is losing to. If you don’t face them a lot, this a good deck to go with.

Hello! I am Dono, creator of this week’s Control Shaman deck. Before crafting this deck, there are a few things you should know. This deck is hard to play and won’t be an ideal deck for all players. If you have experience/success with decks like Togwaggle Druid or Freeze mage, this may be the deck for you!

This is a very expensive deck and only for players who like a slower game. We saw the deck before the nerfs too, and if this playstyle is something for you it’s worth a try. According to HSReplay, you don’t want to play the deck when facing a lot of Hunter (except maybe Mech or Deathrattle), Warrior or Mage. However, I’m confident that in the right hands the matchups will be more favorable than the stats suggest.

This deck is great because it has the potential to beat anything. You can often choose to go for turn 5-6 lethal, or play to out-value your opponent with the late game package. Double Earth Shock is great against all the mech decks right now, and Zilliax has been the nuts against hunters/tempo decks, especially with the Hench-Clan Hag synergy. You can watch me play this deck in high legend at https://www.twitch.tv/rumhamhs

Before the patches, I think F2K_Slysssa was the first person to play this deck to high legend (she got Legend #2 on May 20), though the original deck was thought up by Sintolol. The mix of the murloc package and Shudderwock makes for a lot of fun, and you don’t auto-lose if your board gets destroyed. According to HSReplay, we don’t contend well against other faster Decks like Token Druid, Zoo Warlock or Aggro Shaman, which is increasingly popular since the Buffs. Control Warrior and Hooktusk Rogue are not great matchups for us either. If you like the mix of Murlocs and Shudderwock, this deck is worth a try.

New(ish) Decks

With the buffs we got some cool new decks, so let’s take a look at them.

  • The most obvious is Pogo-Hopper Rogue (which now costs 1 mana instead of 2). People have been experimenting with the deck and some have even got early legend with it, but it’s not the second Jade Druid like some have been saying. It has an overall win rate of 40% over 300k games according to HSReplay.
  • Freeze Mage is the next deck. With the Luna’s Pocket Galaxy buff we can reduce the cost of Archmage Antonidas or Malygos (if in the list) and pull off some insane damage during a turn. If you want to go old-school but in a new way, this deck is worth a try. It has an overall win rate of 49% over 120k games according to HSReplay.
  • Aggro Shaman is the last deck we want to look at this week. Twobiers was the first player to play this deck, before the buffs. For a deck that doesn’t play a single new card, I think it’s impressive how much this deck has surged in popularity. At a cost of only 5k dust, most players should be able to give this deck a try. With a 52% win rate over 100k Games according to HSReplay, it is the only newish deck with a positive overall win rate. But since aggro decks almost always have a higher win rate than control Decks (e.g. Freeze Mage) I would also give it a try!