Rise of Shadows Overview

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Rise of Shadows Card Spoilers & Expansion Guide

Rise of Shadows Overview

The first expansion of Year of the Dragon is Rise of Shadows! It will releases on April 9th 2019.

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Expansion Overview

  • New Mechanic – Twinspell adds another copy of the card (without Twinspell) to your hand.
  • Lackeys – Special token minions which are randomly generated through other particular cards. They are 1/1 minions with “devious” battlecries.

  • Schemes – These cards grow in power each turn they are in your hand!
  • Some old mechanics are returning!

Free Gifts

  • The first chapter of the solo adventure. (Unlock additional chapters for 700 gold each, or purchase the entire experience for $19.99 USD.)
  • A legendary card before pre-release begins, playable before the expansion launches.
  • A quest chain rewarding multiple free packs for Rise of Shadows and Year of the Raven expansions.

Pre-Order Bonuses

There are two bundles available for pre-orders. The Mega Bundle contains a Priest Hero!

Rise of Shadows Bundle

  • Costs $49.99 USD.
  • 50 Rise of Shadows card packs.
  • The Jewel of Lazul card back.
  • A random Legendary from Rise of Shadows.

Rise of Shadows Mega Bundle

  • Costs $79.99 USD.
  • 80 Rise of Shadows card packs.
  • The Jewel of Lazul card back.
  • A random Golden Legendary from Rise of Shadows.
  • Madame Lazul, Priest Hero.

Shadow Bundle

During the first week of the expansion’s release, the Shadow Bundle will be available, containing nine Rise of Shadows card packs and an Arena ticket for $9.99 (players can purchase the bundle only once per account).


Solo Adventure

New solo content will be released following the expansion that takes us through 5 chapters of lore and challenges.

  • The first chapter is free!
  • Unlock additional chapters for 700 gold each, or purchase the entire experience for $19.99 USD.
  • Each chapter comes with two new characters to play with Hero Powers and starting decks to unlock.
  • New ‘characters’ are usable against dozens of new bosses across multiple game modes.
  • Completing each chapter will award three RoS card packs!
  • Completing all five chapters will award a special card back and a golden classic pack!
  • The solo adventure will release about a month after the new expansion.
  • Will use Dungeon Run framework with a robust level of customization.



Year of the Dragon

This new Standard year will move three sets to the Wild format, as well as some additional cards moving to the Hall of Fame; as is tradition. This Standard year will begin in April 9th 2019 and was announced February 28th 2019.

Sets Leaving Standard Format:

  • Journey to Un’Goro
  • Knights of the Frozen Throne
  • Kobolds & Catacombs

This year, nine cards in total will become part of the Hall of Fame:

Divine Favor Card Image

Developer’s Notes: Over the past several years, we’ve seen a number of strong, aggressive Paladin decks. While we like Paladin’s identity as a minion-summoning and minion-buffing class with a fair amount of resource generation, card draw doesn’t also need to be one of the Paladin’s strengths. [Divine Favor] is one of the most cost-effective draw spells in the game, so to better emphasize other classes’ strengths and to provide better control over the power level of future aggressive Paladin decks, we are moving [Divine Favor] to the Hall of Fame.


Doomguard Card Image

Developer’s Notes: As masters of Demons, Warlocks have long been a powerful board-control class. While we like that minion combat is as much a part of the Warlock’s identity as destructive magic, we want to acknowledge and embrace the class’s weaknesses when they lose control of the board. To that end, we want to limit the amount of damage a Warlock can deal from their hand. As a powerful Charge minion, [Doomguard] pushes against the Warlock class identity, so we are moving it into the Hall of Fame.

Naturalize Card Image

Developer’s Notes: Druids have always had excellent flexibility and a number of different tools when it comes to generating mana, cards, and minions, but have long struggled to remove their opponent’s large minions. [Naturalize] effectively nullifies that weakness, giving Druids a powerful option in matchups where card advantage doesn’t matter. Moving it into the Hall of Fame enforces the Druid’s weakness in removing large minions, maintaining its class identity.

[Baku the Mooneater] & [Genn Greymane]
Baku the Mooneater Card ImageGenn Greymane Card Image

Developer’s Notes: Baku and Genn are powerful cards that have promoted new strategies since their introduction in the metagame. Those strategies have been more prevalent than we’d intended in Standard, and we felt that they might end up overshadowing what we’re going to introduce in the Year of the Dragon. In order for set rotation to breathe new life into Standard and maintain overall health of the ladder, we are rotating Baku and Genn into the Hall of Fame a year earlier than normal.

Odd & Even Cards
Black Cat Card ImageGlitter Moth Card ImageGloom Stag Card ImageMurkspark Eel Card Image

Developer’s Notes: As they were complementary to the Even-Odd mechanic that Baku and Genn introduced, [Gloom Stag], [Black Cat], [Glitter Moth], and [Murkspark Eel] will also join the Hall of Fame.

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