Tombs of Terror – All Treasures + Bob Cards

In this article, we will show you all possible Treasures you can get in the Tombs of Terror + Bob Cards.

Note: Some cards may not be Treasures, we found them by data mining.

Sack of Lamps
Zephyr's Lamp
VIP Membership
Upgraded Pack Mule
Unlocked Potential
Tracking Device
Tea Time
Study Break
Stone Fox Statue
Stolen Titan Secrets
Staff of Scales
Staff of Ammunae
Enflamed Golem
Sanctum Golem
Work, Work!
Runaway Gyrocopter
Robes of Diminishing
Primordial Bulwark
Phaoris' Blade
Party of Four
Pack Mule
Mystical Mirage
Murk's Battle Horn
Mummy Magic
Map of Uldum
Lucky Spade
Kodo Hide Whip
House Special
Hiring Replacements
Fast Food
Explorer Retraining
Ever-Changing Elixir
Scroll of Nonsense
Do the Math
Disks of Swiftness
Disks of Legend
Darklight Torch
Crusty the Crustacean
Crook and Flail
Crawling Claw
Canopic Jars
Books of the Dead
Bob's Bouncer
Blade of the Burning Sun
Bauble of Beetles
Band of Bees
Ancient Reflections
Alchemist's Stone
Aegis of Death
Advanced Targeting Monocle