Numbers & Facts about the Website

General Facts was founded in April 2019 by neon31, who started his journey to post about Hearthstone Decks in May 2018 on Twitter.

The website is a brand of our online marketing company

In 2019 our founder also worked as a community consultant for the former esport team Omnislash.


According to similarweb the website reached the following numbers in September 2022 (Source):

  • Global Rank: 41,186
  • Gaming Website Rank: 157
  • Total visits: 1,300,000
  • Pages per Visit: 4.70
  • Avg. visit Duration: 00:02:50

According to Moz, the Domain Rating of this website was 36 in October 2022 (Source).

According to Google Analytics, the website has the following user metrics in October 2022:

  • Gender
    • Male: 87.1%
    • Female: 12.9%
  • Age
    • 18-24: 34.55%
    • 25-34: 40.74%
    • 35-44: 14.97%
    • 45+: 9.74%
  • Location
    • Europe: 46.98%
    • America: 34.91%
    • Asia: 15.32%
    • Others: 2.97%

Other Channels

» Twitch

On Twitch, we Stream on the ChannelGamethunder 3 times a week.

  • In our pilot season, we reached a total of 1.66 million watched minutes of content by 56,585 viewers.
  • In our first real season, we got the following each stream (according to sullygnome – visited October 26, 2022):
    • 81,360 minutes of watch time
    • 468 average viewers

» Twitter

We have over 18k followers on Twitter, with our first post in May 2018.
According to the Analytics, we reach an average of around 400k Profile visits each month and get millions of impressions.

» Reddit

On Reddit, we post a weekly highlight of our website’s content on multiple subreddits. Each month we reach over 200k views that way, according to the Post insights provided by Reddit.

As this is one of the most influential Reddit accounts for the niche, we cooperated in providing a pinned post from time to time for the almost 2 million members of the Hearthstone Subreddit.

» Discord

On our Discord Server, we reach thousands of members of our own and use the Announcement Channels feature to reach other Servers. Doing so, we have ten of thousands of users that consume our content.

» Others

We also have the following channels:

  • Facebook – With over 10,000 images shared here, we have experience and deserve thousands of interactions each month.
  • Instagram – You can only start a stream with an Instagram account. While we have yet to reach that many folks, we have a lot of fun!
  • Youtube – Funded in December 2010, it made a comeback in October 2022 – we are excited to see where the future will go.