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In May 2018, we started our project posting Hearthstone Decks, focusing on the Top 500 Legend Decks; we created this website in April 2019.

We were voted the #2 Most valuable contributor the Best Wild Deck Aggregator, worked with the former E-Sport Team Omnislash & are a part of the Hearthstone Creator Program.

Over the years, the websites reached over 100.000.000 Views with viewers from almost every country in the world.

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Use our Services

The company behind this company is Fool’s Mate, an agency mainly based on Online Marketing.

If you need any help, reach out to us – not only have we experience with Marketing, but we can also help with writing content and social media as we did for Omnislash – our website reached with $0 in Advertising an international audience and became one of the most extensive websites in our niche, and so could yours.

Direct Partnerships & Guest Posts

We did partner with many companies in the past, such as the Trading Card Game Gods Unchained, the Hearthstone companion App Firestone, the Twitch Sponsor Platform inStreamly, the Tournament App Mobius, some secret upcoming projects, and guest Posts for other products.

If you want to join the list above, contact us!


Partner with us as a player

We partnered with players in a lot of ways in the past. We featured Guest Posts, worked with them in direct partnerships for Deck Spotlights, and are currently figuring out other ways to work more directly.

Guest Post

And much more

The points above are just a few examples – if you have anything else you want to discuss with us, reach out. We are happy to learn what you are interested in and look forward to working together!