Our Partners & Friends

Here at Hearthstone-Decks.net, we have multiple companies that we work with that help us to create the website & also on our other platforms. We have listed them below in alphabetic order.

Want to also work with us?

Hit us up on Discord (neon31#2792) or email us (neon31HS@gmail.com).

Firestone is a real-time app which tracks your collection, alerts you to new opportunities when you open packs and points out new and unique cards you can use.


» How we use them

  • Using it ourselves while playing Hearthstone
  • Featuring content from their user base for Standard, Wild & Duels

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Earn on your stream in a way that’s actually enjoyable for the viewers.
Work with the brands you choose.


» How we use them

  • Monetizing our Twitch Stream
  • Using their affiliate link for referral earnings