“Forged in the Barrens” is Hearthstone newest Expansion

Forged in the Barrens

Welcome to the Barrens, adventurer. The land where blistered terrain and battering sun form the anvil and hammer that shape the unbreakable Horde. Where Kalimdor’s most promising denizens test magic and muscle against furious centaur, soaring harpies, and bristling quillboar. Here is the proving ground for warriors who would become legends–those who have been Forged in the Barrens!

New Bundles

» Forged in the Barrens Pre-Purchase

$49.99 Pre-Purchase includes 60 packs and 2 random Legendary Cards, all from Forged in the Barrens, plus the Hamuul Card Back!

» Forged in the Barrens Mega Bundle

Forged in the Barrens Mega Bundle

$79.99 Mega Bundle Includes 80 packs, 5 Golden packs, and 2 Random Golden Legendary Cards all from Forged in the Barrens. Plus the Druid Alternate Hero, Hamuul Runetotem, plus the Hamuul Card Back, and Battlegrounds Perks!

New Cards


  • Pre-Purchase available through March 22, 2021
  • Forged in the Barrens features 135 cards
    • 10 new powerful Legendary minions of the Horde and Alliance – There’s no shortage of swords-for-hire within the Alliance and Horde. These class-specific Legendary minions are itching to show their worth in a scuffle and in the Tavern.
  • Ranked Spells – Take your magical mastery from apprentice to artisan! With a new card for every class, Ranked Spells will level up as you reach 5 and 10 Mana Crystals.
  • Keyword: Frenzy – The dangerous conditions of the Barrens can turn even the docile plainstrider into a deadly whirlwind of talon and feather. Minions with the Frenzy keyword will trigger powerful effects the first time they survive damage.

Hearthstone Mercenaries

Coming later this year is Hearthstone Mercenaries, an all-new single-player and competitive game mode that invites players to assemble and upgrade teams from among Azeroth’s mightiest heroes and villains and put them to the test in an everchanging series of engaging tactical battles.

Players will see their mercenaries gain experience, equipment, new abilities, and evolve into more powerful versions of themselves while battling through highly replayable, randomly generated roguelike missions.

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