Golden Packs Bundle – 6 Golden Packs for $14.99 | Should you buy it?

Golden Classic Bundle

A new Bundle just appeared: Get yourself 6 Golden Classic Packs for $14.99.
A single pack costs you $2.50, and all cards in it are golden!

Pity Timer?

You might hear of a Pity Timer, that guarantee you to get a Legendary in the first 10 Packs.

First, the rule itself brought a lot of confusion in the community after multiple members of the Blizzard Support Team confirmed it’s only for the newest Expansion.

[bluepost] The guranteed Legendary in the first 10 packs opened is something that happens whenever a new expansion is released. […] It is correct you didn’t get one in the packs of Goblins vs Gnomes as that is an old expansion.

– Blizzard Support (Source) [/bluepost]

A lot believe that the rule still applies, but Blizzard itself confirmed back in 2017 that the Pity Timer doesn’t apply to Golden Card Packs.

[bluepost] Source – Get a Golden Classic Card Pack with Twitch Prime (2017)

[…] Golden Card pack contains Classic cards. These packs use the new pack opening rules regarding duplication protection, but will otherwise have an independent chance of containing Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary cards unrelated to any special rules (such as a guaranteed Legendary within 10 packs) nor other Hearthstone Sets, including Classic. […] [/bluepost]

How much is a golden Pack worth?

» Worst Outcome

If you are unlucky, each pack will contain four common and one rare card.
This outcome equals 300 dust, so in 1800 dust for 6 Packs.
» 120 Dust per $

» Regular Outcome

These numbers are just an estimation, but will most likely be near to the real numbers.

For six-packs, you will get 30 cards, with common, rare, epic, and legendary expected proportions of 71.3%, 23.15%, 4.51%, and 1.01%, respectively. Using the current dust values for goldens of each rarity, you should expect to get on average about 2353 dust from these packs. (Thanks to DoctorShemp)

» 157 Dust per $

» Highroll Outcome

If you can get one golden Legendary, your value is almost 3400 Dust.
» 227 Dust per $

Should you buy it?

A lot of the Bundles in the past offered you Bundles for $0.67 per pack, which equals about 150 Dust per $.

Looking at those numbers, the value for this bundle is pretty good – we recommend buying it if you look for excellent value, and not for new cards.

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