Hearthstone Catch-Up Packs: Containing up to 50 cards!

Introducing Catch-Up Packs

As we celebrate BlizzCon together, we’re excited to keep making the Tavern a place that’s open and inviting to everyone. Often, when we talk to players who have been away for a while, or who are looking to try Hearthstone for the first time, they tell us they’re most concerned with building up their collections.

Today, we announced new Catch-Up Packs—game-changing packs designed to get you caught up to the new expansion. Each Catch-Up Pack contains up to 50 cards! We’re giving everybody some Catch-Up Packs for free and we’ve added a ton to both Showdown in the Badlands Pre-Purchase Bundles at no extra cost. For players with small Standard collections, this can mean hundreds of extra cards!* Come find out how.

* A player with no current Standard collection who opens 30 Catch-Up Packs will receive over 1000 cards!

What Are Catch-Up Packs?

Catch-Up Packs are a new type of Hearthstone Pack that include a variable number of cards in them—between 5 and 50 cards per pack—based on the percentage of prior Standard expansion cards you’ve already received.

These first Catch-Up Packs are specifically Badlands Catch-Up Packs. They’re designed to catch you up to our upcoming expansion by including cards from the five prior Standard card expansions: Voyage to the Sunken City, Murder at Castle Nathria, March of the Lich King, Festival of Legends, and TITANS.

These Badlands Catch-Up Packs will always include cards from those five sets, and only those five sets, regardless of when you open them. If we do Catch-Up Packs for a different set in the future, we’ll make a new type of Catch-Up Pack at that time.

Badlands Catch-Up Packs will be able to be opened with the launch of Showdown in the Badlands, on November 14!

How Do Catch-Up Packs Work?

Here are all the tasty details:

  • Number of Cards: Each Badlands Catch-Up Pack includes 1-10 cards from each of the five included sets, for a total of 5-50 cards per pack. The number of cards you get from each set is based on the percentage of cards you’ve received* from that set:
    • 25% or less of that set: 10 cards from that set
    • 75% or more of that set: 1 card from that set
    • Between 25% and 75% completion: scales with collection completion percentage
  • Rarity Distribution: At least 20% (rounded up) of the cards in each Catch-Up Pack will be a Rare or better. The overall rarity distribution for Catch-Up Packs is the same as normal packs.
  • Quality: All cards are normal quality (non-Golden).
  • First Legendary Guarantee: One Legendary in the first 50 cards from each expansion (yes, that means you get to capture five different Legendary offering bonuses in these packs).
  • Mass Pack Opening: You can Mass Pack Open up to 20 Catch-Up Packs at once.

* Like duplicate protection, this counts any cards you’ve received from the set, including any cards you crafted, regardless of whether you later disenchanted cards. Collection percentage only counts up to 2 copies of each Common, Rare, and Epic card, and 1 copy of each Legendary card.

How Do I Get Catch-Up Packs?

Catch-Up Packs have also been added to both Showdown in the Badlands Pre-Purchase bundles: 10 in the regular Pre-Purchase bundle and 20 in the Pre-Purchase Mega Bundle!* Everyone attending BlizzCon in person, or who purchased either BlizzCon Collection level, gets 3 Catch-Up Packs automatically added to their BlizzCon goodies. There will also be a free login reward of 2 Catch-Up Packs, and an event that grants 5 Catch-Up Packs with Patch 28.0—more details on those are coming in the 28.0 Patch Notes. Also in Patch 28.0, Catch-Up Packs will be added to the new and returning player experience. Finally, there will be bundle offers in the Shop that include Catch-Up Packs.

Badlands Catch-Up Packs unlock with Showdown in the Badlands, on November 14—that’s when you’ll be able to open any Catch-Up Packs you get before then.

* These have been added to the accounts of people who already got their Pre-Purchase Bundles.

We’re really excited to see how Catch-Up Packs open Hearthstone up to all our players—those who are brand new, those who play every day, and all those in-between! We can’t wait to see you in the Tavern.

Full Pack Details

Badlands Catch-Up Packs contain a variable number of cards from previous expansions. Each pack will contain between 1 and 10 cards from each of Voyage to the Sunken City, Murder at Castle Nathria, March of the Lich King, Festival of Legends, and TITANS (for a total of 5 to 50 cards):

  • Count of cards is based on the percentage of that expansion set that you have received. (Percentage is based on cards you have ever received, including crafting, irrespective of whether you have later disenchanted those cards. Percentage counts up to 2 copies of Common, Rare, and Epic cards, and 1 copy of Legendary cards.)
    • If less than 25% for that expansion, you’ll get 10 cards from that expansion.
    • If more than 75% for that expansion, you’ll get 1 card from that expansion.
    • Between 25% and 75%, you’ll get between 10 and 1 cards, using linear interpolation. Examples:
      • 20% collection → 10 cards
      • 25% collection → 10 cards
      • 30% collection → 9.1 cards
      • 35% collection → 8.2 cards
      • 40% collection → 7.3 cards
      • 45% collection → 6.4 cards
      • 50% collection → 5.5 cards
      • 55% collection → 4.6 cards
      • 60% collection → 3.7 cards
      • 65% collection → 2.8 cards
      • 70% collection → 1.9 cards
      • 75% collection → 1 card
      • 80% collection → 1 card
    • Fractional average cards are handled via weighted random rounding
      • Example: |7.3 cards” means 7 cards, with a 30% chance of an 8th card.

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  • Rarities of the included cards will be as follows:
    • On average, 1.2309% of cards will be Normal Legendary and guaranteed to get one within163 cards in Catch-Up Packs of that expansion from the previous Normal Legendary drop.
      • Note: One Legendary card is guaranteed within the first 50 cards that you receive from Catch-Up Packs for each expansion, then subsequent Legendary card drops will follow the above rule.
    • On average, 4.4800% of cards will be Normal Epic and guaranteed to get one within 45 cards in Catch-Up Packs of that expansion from the previous Normal Epic drop.
    • At least 20% of the cards in each pack (rounded up) is guaranteed to be a Normal Rare card or better.
    • Remaining cards will be Normal Common.

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