Hearthstone Celebrates Lunar New Year! & 22.2.1 Patch Notes

Hearthstone Celebrates Lunar New Year!

We’re in the process of deploying a hotfix that includes some balance changes for Battlegrounds and Duels, and a handful of bug fixes.

Developer’s Note: Because this is a hotfix change, the changes will not show correctly while hovering over the minions in the shop, on the hero select screen, or when hovering over the Buddy Meter. This will be corrected in a future update.

Hero Changes

Elementium Squirrel Bomb (Millificent Manastorm’s Buddy)

  • Old: [Tavern Tier 3] New: [Tavern Tier 4



Minion Changes


  • Old: [Tavern Tier 3] New: [Tavern Tier 4]


Drakonid Enforcer

  • Old: [Tavern Tier 4] 3 Attack, 6 Health New: [Tavern Tier 3] 2 Attack, 4 Health



Duels Updates

  • All Together Now was moved from Treasure Pool 1 to Treasure Pool 2.
  • Battle Totem, Disks of Legend, and Totem of the Dead were are all moved from Treasure Pool 2 to Treasure Pool 2 Ultra Rare.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where your opponent playing a Choose One card while holding a Pathmaker would cause a floating card to remain on your screen.
  • Fixed a bug where Arfus would sometimes summon Reborn minions, instead of the properly resurrected 1 Health minions, when combined with Khadgar.
  • Fixed a bug where certain Buddies’ on-play voicelines would not play in certain circumstances.
  • Made progress on a bug where players were locked out of the Mercenaries Training Grounds. While a permanent solution is planned for Patch 22.4, restarting Hearthstone should now allow you to access the Training Grounds again if you were locked out.
  • Fixed a bug where Duels achievements were not properly tracking runs.
  • Fixed a bug where Duels Health totals did not match the Health totals intended for run progress.

Hearthstone Celebrates Lunar New Year!

It’s Lunar New Year in the Tavern come February 2! Celebrate with a holiday Tavern Brawl, a Legendary Quest chain, new thematic cosmetics, and more!

Remember to Claim Your Free Dancing Lion Card Back

First things first, if you haven’t already claimed your Dancing Lion Card Back, now is the time! Celebrate the Lunar New Year with this festive new card back—may it bring you lucky draws in the new year!


The Dancing Lion Card Back was designed by a player named Xi Luo, the winner of a Hearthstone Card Back Design Competition for our fans in China. “Hearthstone is my favorite mobile game,” said Xi Luo, “I decided to draw the dancing lion because I wanted to create something nice that I thought would appeal to the Chinese community. I spent so much time working on the design and called my wife in several times each day to help me decide which directions were best! I was very excited when I heard I won the competition! This has special meaning to me. It’s a dream come true to design something that gets added to a Blizzard game, and I’m very glad to see players looking forward to getting this card back. A huge thanks to the people who supported me!”

Get the Dancing Lion Card Back for free before it leaves the shop on February 8!

Lunar Blessings Tavern Brawl Returns


On February 2, the Lunar Blessing Tavern Brawl is back! In this special seasonal Tavern Brawl, you start by choosing a class and getting a random deck. Then you choose a Blessing from an animal in the zodiac to power up your match!

Complete a Legendary Quest Chain


From February 2 to February 16, embark on a Legendary Quest Chain in three parts, which will award a total of 1 Forged in the Barrens Pack, 1 United in Stormwind Pack, 3 Fractured in Alterac Valley Packs, and 1 Golden Fractured in Alterac Valley Pack!

More Festive Skins in the Shop


This year we have more festive Lunar New Year cosmetics than ever before! Pick from three different ranked hero skin bundles, a bundle of new Battlegrounds hero skins, a new Battlegrounds Bartender, and the returning fan-favorite, Diao Chan Valeera (now upgraded with a new Card Back and more voicelines)! All these are in the Shop now, so get them before they’re gone!

Be sure to give your opponents a festive greeting with Lunar New Year emotes! The Lunar New Year event ends on February 16.

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