Hearthstone Duels 12 Wins Brann Bronzebeard – TreyDog
(Dino Tracking | Titan-Forged Grapnel)

Hearthstone Duels 12 Wins Brann Bronzebeard - TreyDog
Proof TreyDog

E.T.C.’s Band:
# (5) Brawl
# (1) Call to the Stand
# (5) Disruptive Spellbreaker

Details: Heroic Duels – 6850 MMR
Passives: Crystal Gem & Orb of Revelation

Play it slow. You are going infinite with Dead mans hand + Zul jin. You need to copy Zul jin and have him in your hand before you play him and try to keep your deck and hand small when you play him as you lose your hero power to draw more cards so if you have to many cards you will get outvalued in the mirror match.

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Hero, Hero Power & Signature Treasure

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