Hearthstone Duels 12 Wins Rogue – onlyRonan_
(Connections | Deadly Weapons 101)

Hearthstone Duels 12 Wins Rogue - onlyRonan_

Details: Heroic Duels – 4000 MMR
Passives: Grommash’s Armguards & Location, Location, Location!

Make sure you pick up something to kill Taunt minions (Noxious Infiltrator or any type of Poison effects) without polluting your deck. Be real picky in the early buckets. Your Hero Power will keep spitting cheap one-drops, of which some will be Undead. You can also accumulate excessive cheap one-drops in your hand to use with Sir Finley to draw an entire nine cards for one Mana. Use Harmonic Hip Hop in conjunction with Shadow of Demise, or if you are lucky enough, use it with Deadly Weapons 101. Don’t be afraid to heavily tempo out some of the cheap one-drops to stabilize early.


Hero, Hero Power & Signature Treasure

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