King Bagurgle is a new Minion for Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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In an earlier post, we already posted that in December new units will be added.

In an ad for Hearthstone Battlegrounds, the Card King Bagurgle was shown.

As you see in the ad above, the attack was not 100% confirmed. We asumed based on the WOW Card Game the card would be the same and has 3 attack, we got proven wrong. In an Podcast by Hearthcasual Mike Donais and Conor Kou said:


King Bagurgle is Tier 5 Murloc, we need a Murloc at tier 5, we don’t have any right now. And he is Battlecry and Deathrattle: Give your Murlocs +2/+2. […] We think this will push Murloc to be very very strong, maybe to strong.
And he is also a 6/3. […] Community thought he is a 3/3.


Mike Donais, Game Designer on Hearthstone at Blizzard Entertainment about it:

[bluepost] Noticed a […] card I’ve never seen in a mobile game ad. King Bagurgle

He wasn’t cut. We discovered in late playtesting that Murlocs are a bit underpowered at tier 5 so we wanted to give them something to help bridge from Tavern tier 4 to Tavern tier 6.[/bluepost]

[bluepost] There’s a minion in this ad that isn’t in battlegrounds.

Glad you guys noticed King Bagurgle!

We decided murlocs needed help around Tier 5 and are going to add him at the start of December.[/bluepost]

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