Mech Rogue #359 Legend – ManicManix (Score: 30-12)

Mech Rogue #359 Legend - ManicManix
Proof ManicManix

This deck packs a punch, with all the stealth/divine shield you can pretty consistently protect your key mechs and we have a ton of burst in the form of magnetic plus some of Mirmiron’s gadgets. I had an absolute blast playing it!

This iteration of the deck was good for 71.43% win rate, a 30-12 win rate over 42 games. I played some earlier iterations plus UUU DK a bit and some other decks here and there in the early ranks. I am unsure about Beatboxer but it did push lethal through a fair few times so jury’s still out, the Swindles proved easy to combo with the Sparkbots and such.

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