Mercenaries Beast Nature Build by Mingzi (7222 MMR)

Proof Mingzi

Equipment: Rexxar (Mama Bear’s Claws), Anacondra (Toxic Venom), Mukla (Big Brother), Malfurion (Liferoot Staff), Bru’kan (Lightning Rod), Guff (Bramblethorn Totem)

Formerly top 50 NA, dropped due to wild experimentation. This is a metabreaker deck, very strong against the current most common comps. Rexxar and Anacondra can oneshot any caster with 72 or less health turn 1 (great against Vol’jin), or guaranteed finish the job turn 2 (Like Anduin in Nature decks). Against Fighter starts, use Anacondra to buff Mukla’s health instead, so he can stack Attack with his abilities to become a powerful Protector threat. For the backline, Malfurion usually comes out first to begin speed scaling. From that point, as long as Malfurion is not dead in one turn, you have already won.

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