Mercenaries Control Build by IsekaiTruck (9008 MMR)

Proof IsekaiTruck

Lorewalker Cho – Cho Family Heirloom
King Mukla – Mukla’s Big Brother
Elise – Talon Trinket
Maestra – Mask of Mimicry
Xuen – Celestial Chestplate
Malfurion – Liferoot Staff

Starting Comp: Cho, King Mukla & Elise

I’ve managed to climb up to 9k MMR after the new mercenary’s update with Cho+Maestra & Elise being amazing at utterly dominating the current trigore meta. Lorekeepers Cho Equipment means trigore openers can deal little to no damage and allows you to set up a nasty turn 1 with Elises 3rd skill+Chos 2nd skill and hitting trigore with both King Mukla’s Big Brother/King Mukla and Maestra! After turn 1 you’ll be mainly wanting to summon Hozen or Saurok with his 1st skill for Xuen and his 3rd skill when your able to deal damage with Elise Xuen or Malfurion

Elise is an amazing mercenary who can instantly win you the game with her quest completion but shes mainly in this comp for her 2 first steps which gives a party-wide 5-8 buff (including backline units) and a nasty 18 bleed which can be crucial at killing mercenary’s like valeera. Maestra is the big Trigore Counter as thanks to Cho she can deal damage with her equipment+2nd skill against 2 mercenary’s while taking zero damage turn 1! Positioning for her is important as her 1st+3rd skill wont be able to deal as much damage.

Xuen is a great backline mercenary to bring in as thanks to cho summoning minions he’ll be able to deal a ton of damage with his 2nd skill vs your opponents most problematic minions they keep in the back like Tyrande+Long’xin or Voljin+Sylvannas. You can also set up a board clear with his 3rd skill if you have malfurions speed buff or if elise manages to summon the golden monkey.

Malfurion will likely be the last mercenary you bring out besides King Mukla as he can speed out Xuen’s 3rd ability or combo his AoE with Elise if she summons the golden monkey while healing your entire party with his equipment.

I’ve played around 30 games with this comp with a insanely high winrate vs trigore openers, the only comps this has been weak to has been lokholar frost & Y’shaarj Shadow.

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