Mercenaries Control Build by Robcote22 (7544 MMR)

Proof Robcote22

1) Valeera (Unnatural Smoke)
2) Varden (Band of Frost)
3) Varian (War Banner)
4) Tirion (Kings Helm) or (Ashbringer)
5) Cookie (Appetizers)
6) Illidan (Razorfist)

The first two heros are always Valeera and Varian. The 3rd is either Tirion (use Ashbringer if starting) or Varden.
Typically I have been using Varden to start.
Scenario 1 – non-attacking opener:
Turn 1 – Fan of Knives, Flurry, and Splitting Strike.
Turn 2 – Heroic Leap, Sinister Strike, and either Flurry or Cold Snap (depending if I can freeze the enemy team).
Scenario 2 – attacking opener:
Turn 1 – Sinister Strike, Retaliation, Flurry
Turn 2 – Splitting Strike or Heroic Leap (depends on which will enable Cold Snap’s freeze), Sinister Strike, Flurry or Cold Snap.

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