Mercenaries Dragon Build by Steffi (12432 MMR)

Proof Steffi
  • Yu’lon – Pearl of Yu’lon
  • Nefarian – Spare Parts
  • Voone – Dragon Rune Axe
  • Niuzao – Talisman of the Ox
  • Sinestra – Mana Brooch
  • Long’xin – Bottle of Infinite Stars

Stole this comp from someone I faced on ladder and made a slight tweak

All the Damage Reduction, Extra HP and Healing make this comp super resilient and survivable.
The lead can blow up greens and blues on turn 1 very easily.
Most of my turns I all-in my attacks on a unit I need to kill while looking to sustain my board to not lose a merc to crucial attacks.

Passives are broken. Yu’lon passive damage reduction, Nefarian passive healing, Voone passive Damage.
Also, dont be afraid to use Voones Fire Breath, dealt 120 damage to a blue in 1 turn for me once and instantly won me the game!

Editor Note: Steffi is Madara

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