Mercenaries Fire Build by Logo (8239 MMR)

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Starting Composition: Voone, Eudora, Samuro

Equipment: Wyrm Claws 4, Primed Armaments 4, Burning Blade 4, Black Soulstone 4, Reincarnation 4, Blazing Rune 4

The idea of the deck is to utilize Eudoras ability Covering Fire to disrupt opponents plays or increase the chance that you will get to use your Diablo first. What makes this comp interesting for me is that it does not play itself. This makes it hard to make a quick and comprehensive guide.

The main power comes from Covering Fire giving you the opportunity to bring out Diablo on demand, and if planned right at later stages in the game bring out both Ragnaros (with +3 Fire dmg) and Diablo at the same time. If timed right with Carine’s speed rotation this can lead to a 34 Diablo AoE (68 to casters) followed by a 28 dmg meteor (56 to fighters) and 13dmg (26 to fighters) to adjacent units. Or if you need it, 30dmg from Diablos crit ability followed by a guaranteed 56dmg meteor to big threats. This comp has amazing boardclear potential.

Samuro is great for killing a caster on turn 1, or deal damage to a dangerous protector. Voone is great due to the fact that the Evasive Wyrm can do 50 dmg to a target, especially a taunted Carine. There are so many variables determining if it’s good to summon a cannon with Eudora or not. Therefore I don’t have any easy explanations of when to do it. Also, having Eudoras first ability leveled max is paramount for getting out on top in certain situations.

Example 1: King Mukla’s Big brother will be one shot by this ability leaving room for Samuro to attack Mukla. Therefore the speed needs to be 4, so it can be qued before Samuro. If the big brother has a stat increase from Rexxar it does not matter since Voones Axe throw is used to “prime” Mukla for Samuro and can be used for the extra 4hp.

Example 2: If the oppenent starts with Vol’jin they often slow Voone and you need Eudora to “prime” the target for Samuro.

It is very weak against certain Malfurion comps if not played right. It also struggles against triple protector starts, but what 3xfighter comp wouldn’t.

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