Mercenaries Fire Build by Steffi (7501 MMR)

Proof Steffi

Starting Composition:

Lich King, Varden, Tavish


Lich King – Frostmourne
Varden Dawngrasp – Chilling Amulet
Tavish – Rigged Wiring
Diablo – Black Soulstone
Baron Geddon – Mark of Conflagration
Blink Fox – Tenth Tail

Usually sending in Diablo next unless they are protector heavy (which they are not )
I always look to wipe the board ASAP after 1 of my mercs died so the answer is usually Diablo but in some niche cases also Geddon or Blink Fox

I often use Geddons Heating Up to set up for a sweep turn next turn to outspeed the enemy Diablo stuff

Main combo:

Apocalypse (Diablo/Blink Fox) into Inferno (Geddon)

Always remember to queue Diablo’s Fire abilities before Geddons Inferno because they are both 6 speed.

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