Mercenaries Frost Build by Zhrasher (7511 MMR)

Proof Zhrasher

Starting 3: Tirion – Ashbringer; Jaina – Ice Block Talisman; Varden – Chilling Amulet
Backline: Illidan – Razor Fist; Cairne – Reincarnation; Diablo – Black Soulstone

Used this comp these days since start of season and had barely a couple of losses untill reaching 7,5k. Manages to do pretty well against everything I’ve faced, Valeera wasn’t that much of a problem. Tirion buffing your table and bench is quite a thing. Illidan does a lot of damage with Tirion buffing him previously, you can do a great AoE or focus a blue and kill him almost instantly, you have to always take care of Malfurion rooting you. You change whether for Illidan (with for Tirion to buff him is always better) or plan a future Cairne + Diablo combo.
I watched this comp in a Rarran’s video, go check him out.

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