Mercenaries Nature Build by Shikuro (8034 MMR)

Proof Shikuro

Start with Malfurion, Guff, Brukan. Against nature mirror, kill Brukan first. Against fire comp, focus on killing Geddon. Against Diablo, if you know that a Diablo will come down after killing one merc, focus on killing the merc that alter speed like Cairne or Varden. Preferably Cairne>Varden if both is on the field without Diablo. When Malf die and they had a lot of blue, send out Anacondra, if don’t have a lot blue send out Cairne. If anyone else die, send out whoever need depend on the current board

Tirion is there to neutralize any comp that actually attack like orc comp, but I would just run Diablo over Tirion. I’m only running Tirion because he’s the best subs for Diablo for me, still need to farm for Diablo coin

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