Mercenaries Shadow Build by Caibre (10148 MMR)

Proof Caibre

Start Comp: Vol’jin (3), Samuro (3), Natali (3), Bench: Thrall (3), Lokholar (2) , Sinistra (2) In the brackeds stands the equipment slot for the mercs.

This is a traditional shadow comp with can counter the Lokholar freeze Comp by killing Lokholar on turn one. Thrall goes in to kill Sinistra played by the opponent. Against the dragon comp u play Thrall in the main comp instead of Samuro If u meet a Balinda Freeze comp kill the Summoned lesser Waterelemental with Natalie first. Against the Balinda frost comp u can use instead of samuro Lokholar. this Team works well without Cookie but can include by pass Lokholars Place in the Bench. The Weakniss of the team is the Cornelius Lokholar Buield caus it block samuro.

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