Mercenaries Shadow Build by HiggsBoson (13262 MMR)

Proof HiggsBoson

Natalie (1)
Vol’Jin (3)
Tamsin (1)

Valeera (3)
Thrall (3)
Cookie (3)

This build was designed to counter the obviously busted Lokholar. The math works out like this:

A fully-maxed Lokholar with Cookie support has 91 HP. This unfortunately puts it out of a lot of breakpoints if attempting to kill it faster than 5 speed. Running Samuro right now I feel is discouraged, but feel free to try. Otherwise, the only non-Samuro way to reasonably kill Lokholar with quick damage is with this full shadow opener: Natalie does 20, Tamsin does 17, Vol’Jin does 12, so 48 damage, or x2 for 96 damage on red targets turn 1.

Unfortunately, both Tamsin and Natalie need the damage boost equips otherwise you will be annoyingly just short of the 91 HP. This needs to be nerfed to give more options to kill a Lokholar, but I digress. Fortunately, this opener will also rip through a Grommash/Malfurion should they not be running frost.

After that, all 3 characters can support getting Valeera into stealth if needed, and Thrall is there specifically to kill Diablo/Sinestra.

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