Mercenaries Shadow Build by Sokrat (8634 MMR)

Proof Sokrat

The Lich king (Helm of damnation)
Tavish (Rigged Wiring)
Eudora (Primed Armaments)
Voljin (Ring of haste)
Tamsin (Shadow Rune or Last rites both are ok)
Sylvanas (Death volley)

This deck is so much fun to play,
Eudora counters Valeera super hard,
Start with lich king to mess with their speed, and start setting up your Eudora and Travish
Tip always bounce Eudora
Use Tamsin if needed to counter healing, else go for Voljin for tempo
Sylvanas is your fail safe, and she gets real FAT bec all of your tokens

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