Questline Druid #2 Legend – R4C (Score: 34-18)

Questline Druid #2 Legend - R4C
Proof R4C
  • Good run peaking at #2 legend, Deck inspiration from Corbett, CNLovelykid.
  • Overall 104-55 in games on pc after hitting legend. 34-18 with my most updated version.
  • In the mirror match, be careful with when you play your big minions, you want to flood the board in one big turn.
  • In slower matchups, it’s ok to play a secure the deck on turn one instead of your quest, then hero power on turn two. You will have time to complete your quest even if you play it late.
  • VS Reno decks, assume that they don’t have the Reno, play very aggressively and hope.
  • Play aggressively VS Kingsbane, be intentional with your plays and very careful with your taunts, Doomerang and Blade Flurry are scary cards.
  • VS Cute and Menagerie Warrior, Pirate Rogue/Priest, Mech Mage/Paladin, Secret Mage and Even Shaman, don’t be afraid to attack minions when necessary.
  • VS Questline DH and Mutanus/Dirty Rat decks, be careful not to play into glide or hand hate, don’t complete your quest on a turn you can’t play Guff unless it’s necessary.
  • VS Questline DH, you should usually win if you play smart, be careful about Tony endgames because they can be brutal, save your rakes and poison seeds for their Irebound Brutes if possible. Keeping small minions in check helps your late game. They are very susceptible to your giant gameplan, so playing for that is nice. Glide can ruin your day, so try to play out your hand fast enough that it doesn’t ruin you.
  • Nature Studies: Just be smart with it. Good at enabling giants.
  • Mood: Try to play Harmonic/Dissonant Mood on the dissonant mode most of the time.
  • Floop: In matchups where you need to clear small boards, feel free to be aggressive with your Floop. In matchups where you need damage later, save it for Guff.
  • Spread the Word: It’s the nuts
  • Rake: Be careful with your Rakes in any taunt or big minion matchups except for against mech paladin. Use Rake aggressively to clear early boards against pirate rogue/priest. Mainly, think before you Rake.
  • Poison Seeds: save to clear huge boards or taunts against Even Shaman, Mech Paladin, Questline DH, Questline Druid and Evenlock.
  • Solar Eclipse: Food with Moonlit Guidance, Dissonant Mood, Spread the Word and sometimes with Nature Studies.
  • Moonlit Guidance: Pretty simple, just discover cards to complete your quest or more minions when you need them. Discovering spread the word is kind of the nuts sometimes. Discovering more Rakes is almost always good or an Extra Poison seeds in a pinch.
  • Aquatic Form: Sometimes save it till turn 4 or coin before on turn three when you already have plays and want to dig for Spread the Word. Aquatic Form getting aquatic form is always right because you reduce your Umbral Owls and Arcane Giants by one.
  • Umbral Owl and Arcane Giant: Best when played with Oracle of Elune but good regardless. Floop notably retains their cost reduction.
  • Crypt Keeper: Good to play after your Guff in matchups when you need to flood the board all at once, also just fine by itself early on against aggro.
  • Always keep: Lost in the Park, Secure the Deck, Harmonic Mood, Spread the Word.
  • In matchups where you need rake earlier keep: Rake
  • When you want to play for giants keep: Oracle of Elune, Aquatic Form, Nature Studies.
  • VS Control and Questline Druid keep: Moonlit Guidance.
  • VS Mech Paladin, Questline DH keep: Poison Seeds.
  • Almost never keep: Innervate, minions, two of the same card.
  • In general: Secure the Deck + Pounce/Claw/Rake, Spread the Word + Pounce/Claw/Rake/Harmonic Mood
  • On Coin: Harmonic Mood + Crypt Keeper

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