Renathal Reno Priest #149 Legend – Dreamchaser (Score: 26-15)

Renathal Reno Priest #149 Legend - Dreamchaser

New expansion, 3 new cards. Decided to close the year with Reno Priest because DK Anduin is still playable (and wanted to close the year with a DK). Discolock MU is winnable if they don’t highroll on 4, otherwise deck is still good after expansion release. A few things about the new cards:
– Crystalsmith Cultist is 1 2/3 almost every time, liked him most of the times, especially against aggro;
– Astalor is a must include, card saved me a few times and it is 100% a natural inclusion in maybe all reno decks (unless it gets nerfed);
– Svalna is a fun card that would probably gain more traction after Tome Tampering gets banned, vision of darkness gives you unlimited resources with an ok card pool. Can be replaced by anything else if you don’t have her.

Can’t say anything else about the meta except ban Tome Tampering.

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