Shudderwock Shaman #20 Legend – d3spam

Shudderwock Shaman #20 Legend - d3spam
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Noteworthy card choices:
2x Golakka, 2x Viper
these are mainly to shore up the rogue matchup. I’d fit in a 5th hate card if you see a lot of rogue; either lightning storm or gluttonous ooze. 3mana weapon hate curves well into swordfish. I’m very high on double viper as the list does often float a mana on turns 1, 3, 4 and 5, hence the trade cost is a lot lower in this deck than others.

2x Icy Fishing with 1x Twin-fin, 0x chain gangs
Really liking double fishing + 4 murlocs.

Lorekeeper over Taelan for curve purposes.

No Bolner/Brann/Barista. If you don’t see rogues, you can cut a golakka for bolner. brann seems too slow in this meta.

1x Bloom over Healing/Aoe for curve purposes.

No Windchill/Sleetbreaker. Being able to go fully infinite matters a lot against druids.

No Bully because the mirror and quest decks are rare right now.

I want to fit in hecklebot to mess with alignment druid in specific, but did not get to try it yet.

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