Shudderwock Shaman #318 Legend – Glancealot

Shudderwock Shaman #318 Legend - Glancealot

I got 4 accounts to legend in wild last season with reno shudder shaman but I have to painfully admit that the reno-build has no place in the current wild meta because both zeph and reno are meh (you can still hit legend with them, but they are simply inferior). Given the extremely toxic meta dominated by aggro decks against which reno is often either too slow or not good enough and solitaire decks (quest druid/mage, APM Priest/Druid) that simply win if they don’t get disrupted, you have to play two copies of murlocs to ensure murloc spam / flurgl+tox consistency and enough disruption cards (rat, speaker in addition to the usual) and 2 copies of schooling given the rise of secret mage.

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