The new Aranna Starseeker Bundle launching June 17th will cost $20

Aranna Starseeker Bundle for 20 Dollar

Available from June 17 to July 7 new Bundle will launch for Hearthstone – the Aranna Starseeker Bundle!

This Bundle includes:

  • 20 Packs
  • The Aranna Starseeker Skin / Alternative Hero for Demon Hunter
  • Aranna Starseeker Card Back

» Update June 17th

The Bundle launched officially!

Aranna Starseeker Bundle - June 17th

» Original Article

The price is not confirmed in blog posts by Blizzard yet, but in an interview with Gamespot, Dave Kosak (Game Designer for Hearthstone) talked about it.

Dave Kosak in an interview with Gamespot

There’s an Aranna Sterseeker Bundle that you can get it’s $20, 20 Card Packs and you get the Aranna Starseeker Hero Skin for your Demon Hunter

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