Hearthstone Runestones: What are they, how to get them & more

Hearthstone Runestones

Runestones are Hearthstone’s new virtual currency. You can purchase Runestones with money and then use them just like you would use money for almost all Hearthstone products, across all modes.

The costs of products aren’t changing, their prices are just being converted to Runestones. One benefit of this changes is that it the Hearthstone team to offer smaller-scale items in the shop, like individual Skins or Battlegrounds Emotes, that would previously have had to have been bundled together with other items.

You can’t earn Runestones in-game, they are only purchaseable with money.

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Runestones Battlegrounds & Mercenaries
Runestones Others & Bundles

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Associate Writer for Blizzard on Hearthstone Nicholas “DeckTech” Weiss clarified some questions about Runestones on Twitter:

  • Runestones mostly just replace IRL money options on things. Except for BG Perks, everything that Gold could previously buy, Gold can still buy.
  • Runestones bundles are intended to match common pricing, to try to avoid the “extra Runestones” problem
  • Pricing is trying to be clear, easy conversions (based on USD)
  • No product irl costs are changing.
  • Mini Sets won’t be able to buy with money directly because there are only two two purchase options for each product. (for Packs, the Gold product option is set up as another product)


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