Hearthstone Battle Pass: Is it worth it?

Hearthstone Battle Pass

Did you ever wonder: Should I spend $19.99 to buy the Battle Pass, or is my money spent better otherwise?

Well, it depends a bit if you want to get rewarded directly or if you are okay that it might be off later, but thanks to a Reddit User, we got a good overview on it.

Also, it depends on how much you play; if you reach Level 100, the track might end with a different result than Level 200.

Battle Pass vs Non Battle Pass

» Level 100

Let’s be honest: To maximize the results, you should at least finish the Track, so we start with Level 100.

With the Battle Pass, you would be Level 119 thanks to the XP Boost, giving you 950 more Gold.

On top of that, you get the following (worth a bit over 1k Gold in extra):

  • Algalon the Observer Diamond Card
  • 2x Golden Standard Pack
  • 2x Signature Common – Astral Serpent
  • 2x Golden Epic (Uncraftable) – Mecha-Leaper
  • 2x Signature Epic – Imprisoned Horror

It’s close, but at this point, you can consider buying the pass, though I believe the money is spent better; otherwise, an extensive collection at the start of an expansion is worth more to me.

Without Battle Pass: 5650 Gold
With Battle Pass: 6600 Gold + extra Rewards

» Level 200

With the Battle Pass you would end up being Level 238 instead of Level 200.

Without Battle Pass: 10650 Gold
With Battle Pass: 12550 Gold + extra Rewards

» Level 300

With the Battle Pass you would end up being Level 359 instead of Level 300.

Without Battle Pass: 15650 Gold
With Battle Pass: 18600 Gold + extra Rewards

» Level 334

Why did we choose to highlight this weird number? Well, with the Battle Pass you would be Level 400, which is the maxiumum you can get.

Without Battle Pass: 17350 Gold
With Battle Pass: 20650 Gold + extra Rewards

Graphic Overview

If you want to see how other Levels perform, look at the graphic below.

First, decide if you want to compare if you have the Battle Pass (left side) or don’t (right side) – now you can see how you would perform if you didn’t or did buy the Battle Pass.

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