Hearthstone Death Knight Runes explained | Blood, Frost & Unholy

Hearthstone Death Knight Runes explained

You may have noticed the colored symbols around the mana costs of some Death Knight cards. These are called Runes. There are three Runes, one for each Death Knight spec: red is Blood, blue is Frost, and green is Unholy. These Runes dictate which Death Knight cards can be added to your deck during deckbuilding.

When building your deck, you select a combination of three Runes, which determines which Death Knight cards you can add to your deck. You can choose to fully devote to one Rune (such as triple Blood) or you can go primarily into one Rune, while dipping into another (such as double Unholy, single Frost). This Rune system allows for incredibly varied and powerful Death Knight cards, while making sure any particular deck isn’t just the best at everything. Instead, each of the Runes specializes in certain types of cards and effects.

Blood Rune

The Blood Rune is the tankiest Rune. Blood cards tend to have board control effects, large minions, and cards that manipulate life totals.



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Frost Rune

The Frost Rune has powerful burst potential. Frost cards tend to have lots of spell synergies, with direct damage, card draw, mana manipulation, and Freeze effects.



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Unholy Rune

The Unholy Rune has the greatest command of the Undead armies. Unholy cards tend to be very good at summoning Undead minions, summoning swarms of minions, and generating and spending Corpses.

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In total, there are 10 possible Rune combinations:

  • 1 Blood, 1 Frost, 1 Unholy (Rainbow, BFU)
  • 2 Blood, 1 Frost (BBF)
  • 2 Blood, 1 Unholy (BBU)
  • 2 Frost, 1 Blood (FFB)
  • 2 Frost, 1 Unholy (FFU)
  • 2 Unholy, 1 Frost (UUF)
  • 2 Unholy, 1 Blood (UUB)
  • 3 Blood (Blood, BBB)
  • 3 Frost (Frost, FFF)
  • 3 Unholy (Unholy, UUU)

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