Hearthstone Dust Refund: Find all nerfed cards with only one Keyword

Hearthstone Dust Refund

A new Hearthstone went live, and multiple cards got nerfed.

If you own those cards, you are eligible for full dust refunds for two weeks following that Patch.

But searching for every single card in the collection takes quite some time.

But luckily, there is an easy way to find all those cards with one keyword.

Step by Step Guide

» Open "My Collection"

Hearthstone My Collection

» Search for Refund

Hearthstone Search for Refund

» Dust those Cards for full Refund

Before Dusting, please ensure that it says, “This card was recently modified, so its Disenchant value has been adjusted.” & the Value of Dust refund is correct.

Refund Keyword in other Languages

Sadly, the Refund Keyword only works if you play Hearthstone in English, so we added Keywords for other Languages below:

  • Portuguese – Reembolso
  • Polish – zwrot kosztów
  • Russian – возврат
  • Korean – 환불
  • Thai – คืนผง
  • Japanese – 払い戻し
  • Taiwan – 退還
  • German – Rückerstatten
  • Spanish – Reembolso
  • France – remboursement
  • Italian – rimborso

Note: Sadly, at the time of writing this, it seems that some Keywords might not work.

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