Big Shaman #222 Legend – Lipton

Big Shaman #222 Legend - Lipton
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Big Shaman is a solid tier 2 deck which I think is being slept on lately. Strongest T1/2 Highroll in the game + good matchups into Aggro Druid and Odd Paladin which are Tier 1 decks. Horrible matchup into Reno Priest but removing Walking Fountain and adding Reincarnate makes Muckmorpher a lot more consistent and lets us trigger Deathrattles instantly, allowing us to be more pro-active vs control. Still has enough heal, taunts and AOE to deal with aggro. 4 Devolves is good vs Big Priest and Cubelock.

The Dream: Lightning Bloom, Ancestor’s Call, Y’Shaarj
Vs Aggro: Devolve, Maelstrom, Hagatha’s
You can keep Muckmorpher on coin or with Bloom


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