C’thun Druid #154 Legend – Torzonborz

C'thun Druid #154 Legend - Torzonborz
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Ramp’thun 😍
After hours of trying to find the best build of ramp druid (tried: mecha’thun, mill, kael’thasI; c’thun; yoggs; good stuff; OTKs and others) came up with this version. 😬
Mill and Mecha’thun definitely have some potential but both have weaknesses and are unfun for me. 😮‍💨
Found out that board clears are not necessary and cut poisen seeds, onyxia and even floop’s glorious gloop. ✂️
The deck basically want to win by ramping over the opponent and build some massive board with the help of survival of the fittest. 💪
If that fail, the back up plan is c’thun the shattered. 😩
Thinking about cutting something for mutanus for some disruption but don’t know what. 🤔
Only lost to aggro shadow priest and some yogg shenanigans. 😮‍💨
For questions/deck requests or anything else related to hearthstone everyone can find me at torzonborz.business@gmail.com. 😉

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