Evolve OTK Shaman #59 Legend – BruTo_vg

Evolve OTK Shaman #59 Legend - BruTo_vg

[Editor Note] How to OTK:

  1. Play Bonelord Frostwhisper as a Setup
    • This makes the first card you play next turn cost 0, Mana.
  2. [0 Mana] Play Al’Akir the Windlord
  3. [0+2 Mana] Play Rockbiter Weapon on Al’Akir
  4. [2+8 Mana] Play Criminal Lineup on Al’Akir

Now you have a total of 4 Al’Akir, with each having 6 Attack, with all having Windfury & Charge.

This means you can deal a total of 48 Damage (4*6*2).

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