Hearthstone Battlegrounds Rating Distribution got published

Battlegrounds Rating Distribution - Twitter

We got some interesting numbers on how the Rating Distribution is for the new Game Mode Hearthstone Battlegrounds, shared by Senior Game Designer Dean Ayala.

Dean Ayala on Twitter

Battlegrounds Rating Distribution!

Only includes players that have completed at least 5 games of Battlegrounds in the last 20 days.

<5000: 62% of Players
[5000-5500: 18% of Players]
5500: Top 20%
6000: Top 10%
6500: Top 3%
7000: Top 1%
8000: Top 0.1%
8700: Top 0.01%

Did you know that every player will slowly get to 6500 MMR over time? In a Developer Insight in November they shared that there is a small boost that should slowly move you there.

Developer Insights: Personal Rating in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

We’ve also added a very small progression adjustment to your rating after each game. This adjustment always has a positive value and depends on your current rating unless you reach 6500 rating or above. The lower your rating is, the larger the adjustment. Therefore, in theory, playing more games in Battlegrounds will give you a small advantage in terms of “boosting” your rating (if you are below 6500 rating). Bear in mind that this is true whether you win or lose; think of it as a consistent progression adjustment that gives you a small positive bump each time you play Battlegrounds.

What is your MMR, where do you land?