Hearthstone Battlegrounds Rating Reset & Content Update coming!


Coming early next week, Hearthstone Battlegrounds announced a Content Update. Also coming with is a Rating Reset.

But don’t worry, you should get to your old Rating pretty fast; more details below!

» How does the Rating Reset work?

When the reset happens, your visual rating will go to 0, and your matchmaking rating will stay the same.

With every Top 4 placement, players will gain rating—up to 300 per win. A player’s rating will never go below 0, and they cannot lose rating until they’ve climbed above 2000.

That means you will not be matched with Players a lot better or worse than you, but equally like in the current system.

[bluepost] Discussion: How critical is the 4-person group queue problem to competitive hearthstone battlegrounds in the future? – Comment by Iksar

Matchmaking Rating: Your rating that we match you with Visual Rating: Your rating you see on your account

When reset happens your visual rating will go to 0 and your matchmaking rating will stay the same. You will progress from 0 for 30-60 games until you matchmaking rating and your visual rating are roughly aligned, at which point you will stay the same rating unless your skill level improves.

It’s very similar to how the star rating reset system works in constructed Hearthstone. We feel like that system was relatively successful because hardcore users zoom through the system pretty quickly and less hardcore users get to play in a system that is mostly progression based. It can feel pretty crappy if you are new bg player and your experience is just tanking your rating for your first X games.[/bluepost]

For more Informations about the Battlegrounds Rating System, read the Developer Insight by Lead Data Scientist Tian!

Developer Insights: Hearthstone Battlegrounds Rating System Update

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