Hearthstone Duels 12 Wins Mage – Chromiemage
(Frost Shards | Infinite Arcane)

[OUTDATED - DUELS GOT REMOVED] Duels sadly got removed on April 16th 2024, but you might enjoy Standard or Wild Decks!

Hearthstone Duels 12 Wins Mage - Chromiemage

E.T.C.’s Band:
# 1x (5) Kobold Stickyfinger
# 1x (5) Steamcleaner
# 1x (2) Dirty Rat

Details: Heroic Duels – 5428 MMR
Passives: Arctic armor & Ring of black ice

Get your ice shard’s down as much as possible. Save flurry/cheap freeze for infinite arcane turns. Prioritize ring of black ice.
Against Darius Crowley, be extra careful of your positioning; in general, it is better to keep your ice shards furthest away from the cannon.
Against Dragon druids, make sure they cannot do 15 + your current armor value when they have mana for alextrasza. With ring of black ice, getting ice shards down ASAP allow you to play their dragon synergies.
Against Shudderwock, remember the bounce effects and trying to dirty rat shudderwock (from ETC) or stickyfinger’ing Cariel weapon is very good, though the latter is more likely to yield a good outcome.
Pre-T2 might be rough because you don’t exactly have a very strong win condition.

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Hero, Hero Power & Signature Treasure

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