Hearthstone Monthly Ranked Rewards: What do you get?

Hearthstone Ranked Rewards

In Hearthstone, players can earn rewards in multiple ways by doing their quests, playing Duels & Arena to put their gold on risks (See: Arena & Duels in Hearthstone: What are the rewards?), and simply playing the constructed modes.

At the end of each season, players who won at least five games of Ranked will be granted a Bonus chest, but what can you expect to get? We’ll show you in this article!

Useful Informations about the Bonus Chest

Before going into the details of what you can expect, there are some valuable pieces of information you should know.

Sadly, the Rank Bonus Chest only works for the highest-ranked across all constructed modes, so it doesn’t benefit you if you hit Legend in Standard, Wild & Classic for it.

Also, what’s quite interesting is that single cards you get also use the Duplicate Protection (Source), meaning that you won’t get cards you acquired before.

End-of-season reward

The table below shows you the rewards inside your chest, with the previous rewards included in the higher bonus chest.

End-of-season rewards

Full End-of-Season Reward Chart

Please note that the graphic below was made in June 2022 and shows the Card Back for June & the Voyage to the Sunken City Card Pack.

When you see this article in July 2022 or later, you’ll get another card back, and also, instead of Voyage to the Sunken City, the newest Expansion’s Card Pack.

Hearthstone Ranked Reward Table

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