Hearthstone: Week Seven Grandmasters Recap

Hearthstone Grandmasters

2021’s Grandmasters Season 1 finally culminated with seven incredible weeks of high-octane Hearthstone. With the regular season finished and playoffs for the world championship on the horizon, tensions are high for the 24 players moving forward. The champions in their regions for this final week were muzzy, xBlyzes, and Posesi.

This GM season was filled with controversy, before it even started former Grandmaster Zalae was suspended on allegations of domestic abuse. During the season, practice partners xBlyzes and Zhym were accused of win-trading to avoid relegations. It’s no surprise that such a tumultuous season also brought many upsets in player relegations, where several Hearthstone veterans and a former world champion are having to give up their titles as Grandmasters.

If you missed last week’s GM, here’s a recap of the top 8 finishers that took place over the weekend, along with the players that were relegated, and how much these 47 pros have earned during this Grandmasters season.

Relegation is determined via a point system in GM based around where you place each week. The seventh week marks the determining cut off for relegations. Players who did not score enough points are removed from the Grandmasters system and must restart from the beginning to return to their coveted spot. These players have unfortunately been eliminated, losing their position as Grandmasters: Tincho, Briarthorn, Impact for the Americas region, Swidz, Bunnyhoppor, Zhym, and AyRoK for Europe, and lastly there is Tyler, tom60229, Hi3, and lambyseries for Asia Pacific.

Placement point system:

  • 1st place earns 5 points
  • 2nd earns 4 points
  • 3rd– 4th earns 3 points
  • 5th-8th earns 2 points
  • 9th– 12th earns 1 point
  • 13th– 16th do not earn any points for the week.

Aside from titles and notoriety, another important reason why these 47 players have mastered deck matchups and mulligans over countless hours is for the prize money that comes with competing in Grandmasters. Unlike Masters tour where players only receive packs, these 7 GM weeks each give players a chance at earning a sizeable amount depending on their placements. 1st place earns $3,000, 2nd earns $2,500, 3rd– 4th earns $2,000, 5th-8th earns $1,500, 9th– 12th earns $1,000, and 13th– 16th earns $500.

The table below shows all 47 players and how much they have earned throughout these past seven weeks:

Americas Player Total GM Earnings
lunaloveee $ 14,500
NoHandsGamer $ 14,000
Eddie $ 12,000
Nalguidan $ 11,500
Rami94 $ 11,000
DreadEye $ 10,500
Fled $ 10,500
muzzy $ 10,500
Fr0zen $ 9,000
lnguagehackr $ 8,500
Monsanto $ 7,500
Tincho $ 7,500
killinallday $ 7,500
Briarthorn $ 6,500
Impact $ 6,000
Europe PlayerTotal GM Earnings
Jarla$ 13,000
Rdu$ 12,000
Thijs$ 12,000
Warma$ 12,000
Bozzzton$ 10,500
Viper$ 10,000
Frenetic$ 9,500
Leta$ 9,500
xBlyzes$ 9,500
Casie$ 8,000
Felkeine$ 8,000
Seiko$ 7,500
Bunnyhoppor$ 7,500
Swidz$ 7,000
AyRoK$ 7,000
Zhym$ 6,500

Asia Pacific Player

Total GM Earnings


$ 12,000


$ 11,500


$ 11,500


$ 11,000


$ 11,000


$ 10,500


$ 10,500


$ 10,000


$ 9,500


$ 9,500


$ 8,500


$ 8,000


$ 8,000


$ 7,500


$ 7,500


$ 4,000

This Article was written by Ezra Aoki – Freelance writer, Top 3,000 Legend player.

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