Jade N’Zoth Rogue #69 Legend – CaptainAlex (Score: 47-21)

Jade N'Zoth Rogue #69 Legend - CaptainAlex

The idea behind this build was to make a slower version of jade rogue that is better in mirrors and always gets wins against slow control decks. While it’s perfect against rare control matchups like reno priests (because of N’zoth as a finisher) or Murloc paladin (because of our never-ending tempo), this deck previously struggled a bit against tempo warriors and still struggles against discard warlocks. After the patch, (which removed sword eaters from current twist season) tempo warriors disappeared from ladder and now there’s mostly just rogues and warlocks. Against both C’Thun and Pirate rogues you’re usually winning without any issues, because you’re less likely to ever run out of cards, as well as the fact that you can get an abnormally big VanCleef starting from the very first turn, by using Counterfeit coins.
On the other hand it’s extremely hard to play against discard warlocks, because of the fact they’re cycling their deck faster and have more answers to VanCleef. If you want to get better Winrate against discard warlocks the best idea is probably to just add Scarab Lord instead of 1 Auctioneer, since usually this card just wins the game whenever your opponent can’t find perfect answer. The only reason why I didn’t do it is that I don’t want to craft it, since I’m not sure whether it’ll ever be available in the future twist seasons.

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