How to use Deck Codes in Hearthstone | Import & Export

Hearthstone create Deck

In Hearthstone, Deck Codes are the easiest way to share your Deck with others. While this feature (at the time of writing this) doesn’t work perfectly for Duels, it is one of the best ways for Constructed (Standard, Wild & Classic).

How to import Hearthstone Deck Codes

First, you somehow need to get the Deck Code. It is different for each Hearthstone website you use, but on most, you’ll be able to either click on a “Copy Deck” button or see something like this and can simply press “Ctrl + C”.


  • Now, open the game on any device and go to “My Collections)
Hearthstone Collection
  • Now you have two options:
    • Simply press “Ctrl + V” and you should be able to see the “Create Deck” Popup
    • Another option is to click on “New Deck,” the “Create Deck” Popup comes up automatically.
Hearthstone create Deck - Hero Overview

How to export Hearthstone Deck Codes

Exporting Decks is as easy as importing Decks, and here is how to do so:

  • Open the game on any device.
  • Go to My Collections.
  • Select one of your decks.
    • [Desktop] Hover with the mouse over the Deck name
    • [Mobile] Click on the Deck name
Hearthstone copy Deck Code
  • Now, simply click on the “Copy” button and when you share it using “Ctrl + V” you will see something like this:


» Share Deck Codes in Chat directly

You can also easily share deck codes through the in-game chat! Send your friend a deck code, and they’ll be able to copy it directly from chat into their deck builder quickly.

We hope this made using the Deck Code feature easy for you. And if you want to find Decks, try out this feature using one of the categories linked below – we feature every Deck Mode on this website:

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