[Leak] Felfin Navigator will be a new Minion for Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Felfin Navigator Battlegrounds Twitter

With the new Expansion Ashes of Outland 135 new cards (+ some extra ones for Demon Hunter) got revealed – one of them is Felfin Navigator, which was spotted in the official Card Gallery for Hearthstone Battlegrounds. You can even directly click on the card.

Note as always: Leaks are never 100% sure to be added to the game.

Felfin Navigator BG

As you see the image for the card wasn’t loaded, but since it’s located in Tavern Tier 3 we asumed it’s Tier 3, Stats based on the real card.

I also searched using Blizzard official Game Data API for the card and found out it’s kinda confirmed to be a Tavern Tier 3, 4/4 Minion. Sadly the URL for the images link to the constructed card only.