Malygos Druid #475 Legend – Ziwane

Malygos Druid #475 Legend - Ziwane
Proof Ziwane

In my opinion, mostly favoured against most matchups.
– 50% against pirate warrior (try to keep / Mulligan for biology project, oaken summons and spreading plague)
– 90% against odd hunter (only 10% against even hunter, but very few on ladder)
– 60% against mages (try to find second alignment so they don’t combo on their turn with 2 manas)
– 60% against warlocks (try to keep / find alextrasa to kill nerubian)
– 80% against rez priest
– actually struggled against Reno shaman with all the disruptions (dirty rats / loatheb / battlecry repeats)
I didn’t face enough rogues / pallys to really say and exactly 0 demon Hunter.

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