Mercenaries Beast Dragon Build by IsekaiTruck (11029 MMR)

Proof IsekaiTruck

Rexxar – Mama Bear’s Claws
Niuzao – Helm of Niuzao
King Mukla – Mukla’s Big Brother
Sinestra – Mana Brooch
Cookie – Appetizers
Long’xin – Band of Burning Nova’s

Starting Comp: Rexxar, Niuzao & King Mukla

Hit 11k MMR EU after this monthly reset with this Beast comp that’s incredibly sturdy against Dragons, GVT and Frost Opponents! Starting Lineup is Rexxar, Niuzao and King Mukla and vs GVT you focus Thrall, Frost you focus Varden if he has the +3 Freeze Treasure & Dragons you just turtle up.

The Great thing about this comp is Niuzao gains a massive amount of health from not only his equipment but Rexxar+Cookies as well! With Niuzao, you’ll mostly be using either his 2nd skill to reduce your opponents damage significantly or attacking a enemy mercenary after buffing his attack with Mukla, his 3rd skill being really good at either dodging opponent’s AoE or keeping your other Mercenarys alive.

Rexxar can help deal key damage to early blues and also use his 2nd ability to summon extra beasts that can increase Long’xins damage even higher. You’ll usually summon Huffer for maximum damage however vs GVT you usually want to summon Misha to soak Valeera attacks and Dragons Leokk as they tend to play passively and the extra attack can help immensely in killing Yu’lon or Sinestra the next turn.

The first mercenary you’ll bring in off the bench will be Sinestra to set up her AoE unless your vs GVT in which case cookie can help finish sniping Thrall or Grommash. Long’xin will be brought in last and depending on how many beasts you managed to safely summon with Rexxar you should have a ton of arcane damage stacked up to rapidly one-shot your opponents remaining mercenarys. A really neat trick with Long’xin is using her Celestial Breath to crit & kill a protector mercenary and have the excess damage doubled!

This Lineup has been really good vs GVT & Dragon Openers, the only lineup I struggled to beat with this comp was Ragnoras/Tirion/Eudora as their damage scaled faster than mine.

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